Women Who Dared to Dream

First, there was the message: “You can’t think about becoming an ordained pastor, because you are a woman.”

I certainly lived through the time and place where that was the dominant message. I left the place, and moved on to another time, and found people who told me otherwise.

The next message was, “You need to go to a seminary and get an M.Div. in order to pursue professional ministry.”

While I was fortunate enough to get a seminary education back in 1993~1996, today the times have changed. Seminary education has not become a feasible option for many, perhaps due to location, the cost, and the time commitment on top of a job and a family.

PATHWAYS just graduated 5 female ministers who would not let the two messages stop them from pursuing their dream of becoming an authorized minister in their local congregations to do the work they have been called to do. They dared to dream, and the dream became their reality.

pwgrad211/13/2015 at Hope UCC, St. Louis, MO


And they celebrated their reality, with style. 🙂

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