My Little Achievement in the World Cinema World

The day before the Online Orientation (9/21/13) for the new PATHWAYS Level 1 cohort, I asked Rev. Laura to prepare activities for the ice breaker: “Laura, I have a homework for you–find something that will make us LAUGH!” Then Laura said to me, “I can think of a lot of hilarious ice breaker activities that are offline; the challenge is to do this online.”

Despite the challenges, we broke the ice among our newly admitted participants, sharing laughter and sharing our stories. One of the ice breaker was “Truths & Lie;” we shared 2 truths and 1 lie about ourselves and asked others to pick out the lie. Creativity and smiles abounded; we caught some lies and were surprised by some truths.

I shared that 1) I rode a camel’s back at the Great Wall of China; 2) I once met the President of Mongolia; 3) I’ve written a screenplay that was made into a movie. Can you guess which is a lie? Everyone picked #3, saying that’s a hard thing to do. Actually, it was #1; I “saw” a camel at the Great Wall of China, but did not ride it.

All this is to say that the screenplay for a short film I had written some years ago (written in Korean and produced by a Korean entertainment company) was made into a movie, and the film was officially selected for the Williamsburg International Film Festival that took place in New York last week (9/19~22/13). The good news is that the movie, titled Heat, won the first place in the category of International Short Film. The director and the main actors attended the award ceremony last night (9/22); they traveled far from Seoul all the way to New York for this event.

For the movie, I have credits for the screenplay and English translation. I am happy to share this fun news with my friends and colleagues!

You may access the trailer for the short film Heat at the following website. (You have to scroll down to find it among other film selections.)!prettyPhoto

Movie Synopsis:
A cop’s chase after a refuge leads to an unforgettable lesson that life is not just black and white, but also grey.


“Life is short, enjoy it and make the most of it!”



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